How To Identify A Zombie

With a zombie apocalypse inevitably coming soon (I mean probably), there are practical steps to prepare yourself incase of a zombie emergency. Now when things get really bad and the world starts being destroyed, we will probably lose all our data services for our smartphones, which will mean the apps we use will become very limited because any app that requires data won’t be able to be accessed. Now most zombie experts believe that viral zombies are the more likely to appear first before other types. There are many different types of zombies depicted in movies and TV shows. It would be best to have knowledge of all types of zombies, but with viral zombies being the most likely, Max Brooks Zombie Survival Guide is the best book on the market for zombie facts because it deals with viral zombies. Not that other types should be forgotten about! Radiation zombies, experiments gone wrong zombies, the dead raised zombies, and voodoo zombies are still a possibility! Just, in my option and the option of other experts, not as likely to happen. So in this post-apocalyptic world that we will be living in, everyone will need to know how to properly identify a zombie and how to tell who as the symptoms of becoming a zombie. Because let’s be honest, we can’t be sure of how exactly zombies will turn out to be. The movies may not be correct.

The Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital in Flower Mound, Texas, has an app that gives you news and information about the weather, job listing, the towns facilities, and more. All of which will become useless when the zombies start spreading, but this app provides a perfect example of how a community will have to operate after the end of the world. Our towns will have to have a mindset that encourages constant communication between each other. There are a ton of companies that are actually in the buisness of protecting your home from intruders (dead or undead). I found one really close to where i live that i actually signed up for last year. So from the Flower Mound home security systems, to the local stores… everyone will have to be on the look out for possible zombie threats. It’s also very important that you build trust with everyone around you. If you get to know people personally, you’re more likely to notice any mood swing, or anything, that could be a possible sign of the virus.

“HealthTap” – Here is an app that helps you identify a if someone is becoming a zombie, or help give anyone medical attention. This app has everything you need to know about medical conditions. From showing symptoms to showing you whats best to eat, this app is all you need. You are able to ask doctors question (if they are still even available) or just look up what you’re needing to know. You are also able to create profiles on the app so you could save all your friends and family’s information to know what their potential sicknesses could be.

Just remember, whatever you prepare for today, will protect you tomorrow.  

About the Author: David Michael LeMarr is a musician, blogger, public communicator, and future architect – follow him on Twitter // Facebook // WordPress