Older forklift trucks do not have much when it comes to its seat. Fortunately, the newer ones right now have better Forklift Seats that are more comfortable, sturdy, and the one that comes with an ergonomically design.

If you are running a warehouse or a factory, it is important to provide the best Forklift Seats for your trucks, for the benefit of your operators. Remember, it is your responsibility to keep them safe and comfortable while working, and the newest Forklift Seats will be able to provide that for you.

In fact, modern Forklift Seats are not always expensive. You can even check the ones sold under the replacement category, and get the entire seat for less than a hundred bucks, to as much as eight hundred, if you want to get the ones with more functionality and style.

Simple yet very sturdy Forklift Seats comes with a single padded cushioning, with simple adjustments to make the seat go back and forth. If this is what you intend to use, expect to spend no more than a hundred for the set.

Another simple Forklift Seat design is the one that comes with arm rests to keep your operator comfortable while working on the lifts. It also comes with additional cushioning at the back to avoid back pains and back straining.

If you are looking for a more convenient and flexible Forklift Seats, you can get the one with the best ergo design. This type of Forklift Seats comes with a wide variety of adjustments, so it will be able to fit the human body just as it is shaped, in order to avoid pressure points, back pains, body ache, and more. With this kind of Forklift Seats, your operator will surely have tons of time working in the lift, without straining his body that much.

This type of seat also comes with the safest belts that will secure your operator inside the truck while working. The safety feature provided by such belts is very important, since you always need to consider the safety of your workers, especially while working inside your company. The seat may be a bit expensive, but if you can get your operator to work more efficiently because of the comfortable seat he has, it will definitely bring more plus to your company.

There are different types of Forklift Seats in the market, and it is up to you, to decide which one will work best for you. You can try sitting on it, or give the truck a few runs, to see for yourself if the seat is going to provide the kind of comfort that you need, while working.

Forklift Seats and some parts are highly available everywhere, especially if you are looking for the aftermarket types. You can even try looking for them online, where most of the prices are less as compared to the ones that you will see from dealers or stores.

My name is Jeff, I have worked many years in factories & warehouses. My main job is forklifts and moving stories around, comfort is what makes happy employees!


Lifestyle reflects our beliefs, attitudes, customs, behaviors, and values. A lifestyle can fill us with joy, keep us healthy, and allow us to become more successful. It can also contribute to illness or hold us back from the things we are capable of accomplishing.

Fortunately, we can choose actions and habits that keep us happy, healthy, and successful. We have that choice daily.

Maltbie Babcock summarized this very elegantly when she wrote, “A day dawns, quite like other days; in it, a single hour comes, quite like other hours; but in that day and in that hour the chance of a lifetime faces us.”

That chance, however, presents a challenge. A familiar lifestyle is not easy to leave behind, even when negative habits or tolerations make it uncomfortable. Doug Firebaugh wisely said, “Something must die in order to grow – your old habits, your old self image, your old thinking, your old life… must be weeded out for the seeds of success to grow.”

People want to be free from the consequences of their vices, but not necessarily from their vices. Many attempt changes that are too large to be realistic. Others try to change too many things at once. Old behaviors creep back very quickly.

For example, if it would burden you to carry out a new action on a regular basis, it is probably not a realistic change. Smaller changes carried out regularly more often lead to lasting change. Begin with one new action that can become a regular lifestyle behavior. Then look for tangible results from that change.

If you are not already living your ideal lifestyle, take time to think deeply about the following questions. Then write your answers in a journal. This exercise will help you create a clear picture of your ideal lifestyle. It will also help you to design a plan to begin creating the lifestyle that you want.

What is my current lifestyle?

How have my beliefs created that lifestyle?

What is my current lifestyle costing me?

If my lifestyle were to become ideal, what differences would I notice immediately in the major areas of my life?

For example, what would you be doing differently on a daily basis? What habits would you adopt, and what habits would you discard? Consider the changes you would notice in these areas:

  • Relationships (Family and Career)
  • Home environment
  • Wellness and self-care

How to Achieve the Lifestyle You Deserve.

There is a simple step-by-step process that will enable you to achieve the lifestyle that you deserve.


  • Define what type of lifestyle you would like. Do you want to settle for a lifestyle that will enable you to pick up your children after school and take a holiday when you choose or would you prefer a lifestyle that will enable you to jet-set around the world in first class and buy expensive clothes and cars when you get the urge? When you define your lifestyle you are actually defining a number of other variables. Your lifestyle will define the income level that you will need to achieve, the amount of time that you will have to yourself and the time frame that you will need to achieve your goals.
  • Establish the time that you would like to have to yourself. It is important during this step that you maintain focus on the hours that you would like free, not the hours you want to work. This sends a clear message to your sub-conscious that you desire freedom and a lifestyle. Be specific, choose the number of hours a day that you would like to spend at home, number of weeks per year you would like to holiday.
  • Match the required Income level to meet your desired lifestyle and time commitment. This is a key step. If your ideal lifestyle is to trip around Australia in a camper van for 6 months the year, simply develop your annual budget. This will identify the income you need to achieve the lifestyle you deserve. Divide the total income you require by the number of weeks a year you have left over after holidaying to work and then divide again by the number of hours left after your freedom to leave you with a hourly income that you require to achieve the lifestyle you deserve. Example: My Lifestyle. Travel the World for 8 weeks a year, trips within Australia once a month for an extra long weekend. I want to enjoy most mornings with my family and have every afternoon off. That Leaves 36 weeks of the year and 20 hours a week to work. Hence 720 hours per year to “work”. To Support my lifestyle I require a hypothetical $200,000 per annum. $200,000 / 36 = $5555 per week /720 = $278 per hour I will need to find an income source that generates $278/hr to achieve my lifestyle.
  • Find a revenue stream to match your income requirements. At this stage you may become overwhelmed. At this stage it is key to retain your faith. There are many options that will enable you to achieve the lifestyle that you deserve including Online Entrepreneurism, Business Opportunities [http://myworth.biz] and Investment options.
  • Often you will find gaps between your chosen profession and the knowledge and skill level you have. The key to progressing and achieving your lifestyle goals is to understand these gaps. Your should then shift your efforts to closing these gaps. It is important to remember that you need to remain focused on the end result, achieving your lifestyle, and that each “gap” is simply a step closer to this goal. If you keep this positive mindset you will give yourself every chance of doing what you set out to achieve.
  • Invest into your future. This is by far the most important step. The key to achieving any lifestyle and or life goals is to ensure you invest appropriately. This means that you may need to invest into your own education and training.

In the civilized society that we live in, a set of uniform rules and regulations that set up the law is a sure sign of civilization. Law, practiced and exercised, prevents a state from descending into anarchy and chaos.

Bridging the Gap

Unfortunately, law is something that cannot be known and practiced by every citizen of the state. Hence we have lawyers, specializing in the field of law and that too in certain instances of the law. They provide legal representation when it is needed the most.

Personal Injury Attorneys: Specialization

Personal injury attorneys are those attorneys who deal with and specialize in the provision of legal help and representation when a particular person has been the unfortunate victim of negligence on part of a particular person or organization. That particular person may range to be anyone and the organization might even be a government agency. The damage inflicted on the said person may either be physical or mental. Any sort of damage can be addressed.

Tort Law – The concerned law

The area of the law that such lawyers are particularly concerned with is known as tort law and such lawyers are quite invaluable in such cases. They are more experienced and knowledgeable about such aspects of the law. A Personal Injury Attorney Southfield Michigan can thus address damages done to a person’s reputation, health or anything else, civil or economic.

Lawyers like these handle cases pertaining to mostly, medical mistakes or injuries inflicted while working, accidents by automobiles, problems caused due to the usage of defective products etc. They are however authenticated to practise any form of law. However, this particular field of law is something that they specialize in.
A personal injury lawyer, once licensed, can practise various roles. They can offer legal advice to their client; they can argue in favour of their cases in the courts of the state and can draft legal documents.

Code of Ethics

There are rules and codes that bind lawyers such as these. They have to perform several functions to be successful, to research upon the prospective client base and to seek redress to their grievances by procuring compensation for the damages caused and to take the case to the court if the two parties are not able to reach upon a mutual agreement.

Also referred to as ‘plaintiff’ lawyers sometimes Personal Injury Attorney Southfield Michigan, they are bound by their professional ethics to be confidential as to the affairs of any client concerned and also to do their best to solve their problems.

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Publiceer hier een filmpje over wat je spannend vindt aan IT en overtuig je vrienden dit ook te doen

IT is Cool


IT is Cool werd als initiatief gelanceerd door Saskia Van Uffelen, CEO van het informaticabedrijf Bull Belux. Ze wilde iets doen aan het imago van de sector door aan te tonen dat IT een boeiende werkomgeving is en een positieve bijdrage levert aan onze maatschappij. Ze werd aan het denken gezet toen haar zoon Jonas aankondigde dat hij zeker géén IT zou studeren, want dat is iets voor rare mannen met een bril die in de kelder op een computer werken. Dat beeld moet IT is Cool doorbreken.

Wie IT studeert, wacht een mooie toekomst en ook andere diploma’s kunnen in de IT-sector terecht voor een boeiende job.

Om het imago van de IT te verbeteren, bouwde Sakia Van Uffelen een campagne met drie onderdelen:

  • Ze ontmoette in het voorjaar van 2011 meer dan 500 jongeren op informatiemiddagen, tijdens jobbeurzen en in scholen en vertelde hen hoe cool IT wel is.
  • Bull start een project waarbij scholen betrokken worden bij het digitaliseren van het Belgische Bull museum.
  • Bull doet een oproep aan iedereen om te tonen hoe creatief je wel kan zijn met IT.

De laatste twee onderdelen lopen momenteel en worden nu gecombineerd met deze ‘IT is Cool’ website. Je kan ook terecht op onze Facebook-groep.

In november 2013 werd Saskia Van Uffelen omwille van haar pionierswerk met IT is Cool door het federale ministerie van economie aangesteld als Digital Champion voor België. De aanstelling komt er onder impuls van Neelie Kroes, Europese Commissaris voor de Digitale Agenda, die in elke lidstaat zo’n Digital Champion wil aanstellen.