Top Ideas for Engraved Glass Gifts

When it comes to gift giving, the possibilities are only limited by your imagination. Depending on the recipient, you may decide to go down the traditional route with vouchers, flowers, ties or perfume, and there is certainly nothing wrong with playing it safe, but if the gift is for a special or significant occasion, wouldn’t it be nice to personalise something so it is a completely unique token of your love or appreciation? A glass product utilising the modern technology of 3D etching can do just that, and the range of gifts that can be individualised in this way is virtually endless.


While a photo frame is, in itself, a thoughtful gift, how much better could it be if it was etched with something meaningful for the recipient? Using 3D etching, experts can engrave names, dates, a line from a favourite poem, or even an image on to a glass frame. Incorporate a special photo into the frame and you will have created the perfect, personalised gift for a friend or family member.

Wine and Champagne Glasses

For a wedding or anniversary, the traditional gift of wine or champagne glasses can be taken one step further with 3D etching. You could have a stanza from the couple’s favourite love poem inscribed on each glass, with the entire poem spread over the set. If that does not appeal, simply the name of each recipient and the date of the special occasion will personalise the set of glasses perfectly. While glasses themselves may not be a unique gift, imagine the surprise and appreciation of the recipient when they realise the trouble and thought you put in to make theirs special in this way. Every time they drink from them they will think of you.

A Tankard

Continuing the theme, if your recipient is a male you may like to replace the idea of wine or champagne glasses with a man-sized beer tankard! Personalise it with a humorous saying or image that means something to the recipient and suddenly you have the perfect gift for the man who has everything.

In Memory Of

The death of a loved friend or family member will, naturally, invoke great sadness. Choosing a gift or memento at times like this can often be a difficult task. One sensitive and thoughtful idea is to commission (or purchase ready made) a glass object that has a special meaning to the person, such as a musical instrument, a car or a sporting symbol, and have 3D etching experts inscribe it with their name and a meaningful saying or piece of prose.

Desk Nameplate

For a gift to commemorate a promotion or securing a job, nothing is more perfect than a glass inscribed nameplate for their office desk. A word of warning though – double check the wording of their new title before you go ahead and have it inscribed or it could result in an embarrassing faux pas on your part!